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90 Day Treatment Programs NOW AVAILABLE

Our programs are customized and designed for your specific problem and type of skin.Our exclusive skin renewal and rejuvination process will make your skin tighter, brighter, and smoother. We use FDA approved anti-aging equipment.Get clear results and beautiful, healthy looking skin!

Programs include two customized treatments
per month for 3 months $750


Treatments May include: Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, LED light, micro infusion, clear light or micro current/electroporation, and corrective facials

*It is imperative that you also use the products prescribed for you during the program

90 Day ACNE PROGRAMS Now Available $750
The Acne Treatment That Works

Has your dermatologist prescribed antibiotics, retinoids or Accutane® and your skin still isn’t clear?
Have you tried Proactive®, natural acne treatments and every acne product at the department store counter
without success?

It’s time to call in an Acne Specialist who will take your unique skin into account, design a custom acne
treatment to get rid of your acne and work with you every step of the way.

Specializing in Acnetreatments.We treat Acne without Medications and Antibiotics.No matter what type of
acne you have wehelpyou achieve clear,

beautiful skin in 90 days!
  • No Medications! No Antibiotics!
  • Be Acne Free At Any Age!We treat men and women at all ages.

*Must use skin care products as prescribed for your condition

Treatments are customized and may include the following:

Corrective Facials, Chemical Peels, Blue LED light, Microdermabrasion andRezenerate infusion tratments.

Treatments are aprox. Every 2 to 3 weeks for 3 months
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Facials are professionally recommended every four to six weeks for maximum results


  • Early morning apts available for your convenience
  • You can call me direct before or after hours and get a response
  • No credit card needed to schedule an apt.
  • 24hour cancellation notice is appreciated but I understand things do come up. I do not charge for missed apts.
  • Any skincare item can be returned for a different item even if it is opened but no refunds.

Besides the latest technology and great treatments, products and service here are some other reasons

  • Serious Skin Care Offering the Latest Technology to improve, enhance and correct your skin
  • Quality skin care & affordable prices
  • More than 20 yrs experience in skincare
  • Come in and experience customer service that goes’ above and beyond

Welcome to Facials & Skin Care by Debbie!

Welcome to Facials & Skin Care by Debbie! We have been serving the Orange County area for over 20 years. We specialize in providing quality and affordable Facials & Skin Care services such as Facials/ Exfoliating Treatments, Skin care treatments, Microdermabrasions and Firming & Tightening Treatments. We are a Licensed company that is dedicated to providing our clients with the best of service. We’ve earned a reputation as a Facials & Skin Care service company that combines high-quality service and customer satisfaction to meet your individual needs. When you look to Facials & Skin Care by Debbie to take care of your Facials & Skin Care needs, you can rest assured knowing that we are trusted professionals in the industry with 25 years of experience serving various customers in Orange County, CA.